About us

Almost a hundred years ago, in the great city of Jammu, two brothers by the name of ChuniLal and Amarnath decided to open a fresh & dry fruits store. Today, ChuniLal Amarnath is a thriving business that has stood the test of time, almost a 100 years in the fresh & dry fruit business, which still delivers high quality products.

This Venture began in 1920, a time before the Indo-Pak partition. As India was still undivided, ChuniLal Amarnath sold fresh & dry fruits of the highest quality from Afghanistan, Iran and various other parts of India.

By 1960, they decided to stop dealing in fresh fruit to focus primarily on dry fruit, which were being sourced directly from organic farms in Kashmir.

During the 1980's, the business had expanded to include a walnut grading and processing unit, so that customers could gain access to high quality produce that was closer to home.

The 1990's saw great reform and liberalization of imports, from which ChuniLal Amarnath profited greatly. They were now able to bring in fruit from all over the world be it from Australia, United States of America, Afghanistan etc.

Today, the business is run by the second and third generation of ChuniLal & Amarnath and will complete a 100 years of service within the next 4.